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UEFA Women's Champions League 2017-18: The Biggest Stars Left in the Women´s Champions League

UEFA Women's Champions League LogoThe quarterfinals of the UEFA Women´s Champions League is upon us. Therefore we found it interesting to take a look at some of the biggest stars left in the tournament. Because as women´s football gathers more and more attention, it might be fun for you to know whom you should keep an extra close eye on. The individuals who can create something out of nothing, players who can create a magical pass, a perfectly timed tackle or score a goal from 30 meters out.   

1. Ada Hegerberg 

The 22-year-old striker tops the list. Coming out of Norway and playing for Lyon has been outstanding this season. With her 13 goals she is only one goal away from breaking the season record for goals in a season, a record she is expected to break. Her stats with Lyon have been groundbreaking, scoring 26 goals in 22 matches last season. All in all she has scored 150 goals in 117 matches throughout her career thus far. Hederberg truly has been a trailblazer, which her award tally also shows. In 2016 she was crowned as the best Women´s player in Europe. Furthermore she also won the Norwegian Gold Ball, given to the best footballer in Norway: she was the first woman to win the award in 20 years. 
2. Nilla FischerLyon's Norwegian star Ada Hegerberg

The Swedish 33-year-old veteran comes in on a strong second place. She plays for Wolfsburg, where she can play both a center back and a defensive midfielder. Before joining Wolfsburg, she was the captain of FC Malmö. After playing most of her career as a defensive midfielder, Fischer was converted into a center back after almost ten years of playing. The change was for the better; she became a big part of the Swedish international team, which made it to the semifinals in the UEFA Women´s EURO. The success led to an offer from Wolfsburg, which at the time was European Champions.

3. Steph Houghton 

The 29-year-old captain of both Manchester City and England is number three on our list.  She began her career at Sunderland, before joining Leeds United. From there she moved on to Arsenal, before at last joining Manchester City. She has played more or less all over the field starting out as a striker, then moving on to the midfield and then eventually becoming a defender. She is one of the biggest profiles on the international team in England, where she has capped almost 100 matches so far. 

4. Wendie Renard

Number four on the list is Wendie Renard. The French International is 27 years old and captains both the French international squad and her club Lyon. She plays as a center back, but scores quite a lot of goals. So far she has made 163 appearances for Lyon and has scored 47 goals. For France she has played 92 matches and scored 19 goals, quite excellent for a center back. She grew up on an island called Martinique, before eventually moving to mainland France in 2006, where she joined Lyon and has played there ever since. 

5. Caroline Seger

The Danish star of Wolfsburg, Pernille HarderRounding out the top five is Caroline Seger. The Swedish international is one of two captains on the Swedish international team. The 33-year-old is the oldest in our list and has spent her career playing in Sweden, USA and France. She started out playing for Linköpings FC and is now a part of Lyon. She plays as a midfielder, where she has capped 163 matches and 23 goals thus far for Sweden. In 2009 she won the Dia-mantbollen, which is awarded to the best Swedish women´s football player.

6. Pernille Harder

The 25-year-old is the final player on our list. The Danish international transferred from Linköping to Wolfsburg last season. She had massive success with Linköping, scoring an impressive 87 goals in 90 matches. At just 23 years of age she was ap-pointed captain of the Danish international squad, where she has scored 50 goals in 97 matches. She was a big part of the Danish team that made it to the final in 2017 at the UEFA women`s EURO. Recognizing her talent and performances, she was nomi-nated to Best Women´s player in Europe, where she made it to the last three. 

Those are the six best players left in this year´s tournament in our opinion. As some of you might have noticed, the list includes three Lyon players, which might lead some of you to assume they are favorites. The French side has in fact won four titles since 2011 and has a chance to win the title for the third time in a row this year. However Wolfsburg is not to be counted out. The German side won two titles in a row back in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons. 


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